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How to Create a Blank Map?

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Hello everyone, I just want to make small flat map that has no decorations. Just flat dirt. I experimented with the in-game world editor staring with pine forest map, but not having much luck with removing all the decorations all at once. also tried messing with modding the biomes.xml file. i zero out all the decoration probabilities, but for some reason some grass and trees still remain. any ideas?



<set xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome/subbiome/decorations/decoration[contains(@blockname,'tree')]/@prob">0</set>
<set xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome/subbiome/decorations/decoration[contains(@blockname,'plant')]/@prob">0</set>
<set xpath="/worldgeneration/biomes/biome/subbiome/decorations/decoration[contains(@blockname,'cnt')]/@prob">0</set>



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If it's just to test things and what not, go into the POI editor, make a flat patch and save it. Then playtest it. From then on you can go to Continue Game and load that.


But if it's a whole map, I think maybe KG or Nitro can do that.

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