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Removing items from a players backpack

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I realize I can code this for single player but have yet to see anything for dedicate servers, hence why I was asking about the console command.
Hopefully the devs can add something to make the LocalEntityPlayer on the client side respond to a console command or netpackage so that we can remove items from their inventory and bags. Seems kind of silly after all this time that we can't remove items from players

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Well... not silly at all. That's quite an opening to abuse and trolling by admins of servers. What is it you're looking to remove? I'm not sure if its possible, but might could have a work around. IE: if it's a hacker, could make a buff that kills them based on the item. I'd be fine helping someone put a hacker into an endless cycle of death when they tried it. lol.

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It would open up options for the managers that hook in to the assets such as CSMM, ServerTools, Botman etc. 
They could monitor for invalid items and remove them, remove casino coins from inventory as payment for command use, integrate it with events that require the player show up naked or no items. For twitch integration it would allow a direct drop item command for anything they have on them at the time.
Fubar has mentioned the ability to drop the item they are holding which will open up some potential at least. I believe bandits will be entity and once alive will have the same issue where we can not change any of their items and equipment.
I suppose an admin could abuse it too, yes. Seems like a strange thing to do unless needed as players wont stick around. We can remove items if they are offline, but not online. It takes a little trick so that they load with the changes but easily done.

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