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Resource for vehicle repair


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That is an excellent question. Usually it's determined in items.xml by the item's "RepairTools" property. That property is inherited if you use the "Extends" property.


But that does not seem to be how the vehicles work. They all extend "vehicleMinibikePlaceable", which itself extends nothing, and it does not have a "RepairTools" property.


So there are a number of possibilities for where it gets the repair item:

  • If there is no "RepairTools" property, the game defaults to a repair kit.
  • They might use the "RepairTools" value of the engine (the "smallEngine" item). This wouldn't make sense for the bicycle, but it does for the minibike, and the bicycle extends that.
  • Their parts extend from "partsMaster" and all those are also repaired with repair kits, so maybe they use the value of their parts? 

Those are in order of most to least likely, in my opinion.


You could test this by adding a "RepairTools" property the the minibike item, and set it to be a small stone (or whatever). Then damage a vehicle a little bit, try to repair it, and see what happens.

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I tried the following options:

<set xpath="/items/item[@name='smallEngine']/property[@name='RepairTools']/@value">resourceVehiclesRepairKit</set>
<set xpath="/items/item[@name='partsMaster']/property[@name='RepairTools']/@value">resourceVehiclesRepairKit</set>
<insertAfter xpath="/items/item[@name='vehicleMinibikePlaceable']/property[@name='EconomicValue']">
	<property name="RepairTools" value="resourceVehiclesRepairKit"/>


Uses the regular repair kit anyway (

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Pretty sure it's hard coded for vehicles. Only way around it with just xml is to change the repair kits for everything else. Then do whatever you need with the original kits for vehicle repair. Pretty sure there's a mod that has done this, possibly the one linked above. 

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