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My version of the feral wight

Adam the Waster

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Sense i saw the new feral Wight, I was kind of disappointed because it really didn't bring back the "oh $^#^ WHAT IS THAT" it looks like Boa but tan and no shirt. SO I MADE my own! 

I did Photoshop it and here are the following images i Used


New gore Block (for eyes)
New screamer for mouth

Wasteland Behmoth (mod link here https://7daystodiemods.com/wasteland-behemoth/ ) For Body 


Sweet dreams!

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I do like the new model but I agree, the one we have currently is pretty sweet. He did need an upgrade though. 


This model you did does look awesome too. Looks like Venom made sweet sweet love to a Licker from Resident Evil & this was their spawn, lol. Love it man!

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