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Higher Level Wandering Hordes?


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So, the gamestage for wandering hordes loops from 1 to 50.  I mistakenly thought it looped through all the defined gamestages, so if I added more then the loop would include them.  It doesn't.


I appended the wandering horde list with every blood moon group, with their gamestages increased by 50.  So the first few hordes are vanilla.  Then I should encounter e.g. "feralHordeStageGS7" at gamestage 57.  At gamestage 58, I instead got "VultureGroup" from gamestage 8.


Does anyone know of a simple DMT (or whatever) mod that lets you extend the wandering horde list?  I know Darkness Falls includes hordes to high gamestages, but I don't want an overhaul mod.


P.S.  I tried to post this yesterday.  It didn't seem to work.  Sorry if I've double-posted.

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