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more realistic zombie types - idea for mod

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well honestly i have 0 skill in modding so maybe i can give someone idea

in creature pack by @xyth guppycur used one of zombie from cod  ww 2 and alma from f.e.a.r. 

Well i know make characters models is hard but maybe someone can create pack with "realistic" zombie types using zombie variants from tranzit from cod, maybe some ghost girls as zombie girls ( similiar to alma as kid from fear) , maybe witch from l4d2.  i want to give 7dtd more "walking dead" setting that " cs nexus zombie " but most mods unfortuntly add more " funny" enemies variants that " realistic". 


If someone is interested please write in this topic or prive and i will write details how it could looks like

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We (I) do not knowingly use or support the use of copyrighted models in 7 Days mods.  I'm not sure about the 2 models you mentioned that Guppy added, but in many cases the models are redone to look similar to characters in other games.  I also prefer realistic characters that fit the theme of the mod, and I expect you will see more of those as more modders learn to make characters.

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