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Adding a new sound/music for speaker for Alpha 19.6


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Is there any updated guide how to add music/sounds to the game?

I followed these two threads in the past (around the end of A18, beginnning A19 i think and got it to work, but not anylonger)


I tried to follow the steps but it yields only silence even with the music file I used for a test modlet back then, so I'm sure the problem is exacly how to deal with unity and creating the unity3d file



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I'm not aware of any updated tutorials or methods to generate the unity3d files (in Unity) BUT its possible the version of Unity you're using may not be the *exact* one needed for the game. Well I say *exact* but apparently the one a19 is built in isn't available in the Unity downloader, but the "closest, slightly lower" version is, and that should work. If you're still interested in a19.6 and want to know the version let me know and I'll look up what I'm using.  I'm, not on my "system with Unity installed" to easily check.  I'm also pretty sure a20.x will be a different version of Unity.

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