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Space Shuttle (A20.0 experimental)


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ADDED A20.0 experimental version





A prefab for 7 Days To Die.  
- Dungeon-style playthrough
- Tier 5 quest
- 100% vanilla blocks
- Mandatory electricity: tool + battery needed to enter the prefab.
==>> WARNING ==>> Electricity is tested extensively in-game in singleplayer mode. Testing of the electricity online / on a server is pending!


Have FUN playing!


Edited by Henk
Update to A20 exp. version (see edit history)
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7 hours ago, Henk said:

New version: 1.6



Spaceshuttle (A19.6) at 7 Days to Die Nexus - Mods and community (nexusmods.com)




More immersion:
- More dark colors, less lights
- Better materials
- More devastation: base, shuttle and boosters have more visible damage

Stronger/faster zeds in places with more loot

Better stability of the glass bridge



Hi Henk


Thank you very much for the update of the prefab.

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  • Henk changed the title to Space Shuttle (A19.6)
  • Henk changed the title to Space Shuttle (A20.0 experimental)

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