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Possible to make a campfire / Chem bench recipe return jars / cans along with final recipe product?

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Hi brand new xpath modder with a simple question....

What I am trying to accomblish is simple, Lets say that I have a recipe 'Beef soup' it requires a can of Beef Ration and a Jar of Water. It must be cooked in a campfire with the cooking pot.

Many such recipes exit but when you make the final product you lose the jar from the water and the can from the beef ration. I would like to be able to get the can and jar as a byproduct of the recipe as well as the actual Beef Soup.


I know that one can recover a bottle or can when drinking from a jar or eating tinned food with an entry in the items.xml such as:

 <property name="Create_item" value="drinkJarEmpty"/> 

However I am looking for a way to have the jar actually be part of the output of the recipe.

So the recipe example above would result in Beef soup in one campfire output slot, an empty can  in a second slot, and a jar in another slot.

One option I concidered was the Beef Soup recipe producing a 'Beef soup package' that when opened in the inventory would produce the soup, can and bottle.

My inspiration for this is a mod that allows recycling ammo. You recycle the ammo and it 'converts the ammo' you then open the converted ammo and it gives you a bullet tip, cartridge, and powder.

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