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Need help with Brass from iron mod

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I have a mod installed called brass from iron and it isnt working BUT it does work for my son and im the host of our world how can that even make sense ive removed and reinstalled twice and nothing happens when mining iron i get no brass but my son does any help would be great thanks

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I moved your post. Please post questions in "Game Modifications->Discussion and Requests". "Mods" is for announcing mods and talking to mod authors directly.


Where did you find the mod? Post the link. Are you sure the mod is compatible with A19.x?


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sorry im new to forums i didnt mean to post in the wrong section i use 7d2d mod launcher and add modlets from there if it works for my son when he joins my world then the mod works i assume im just confused as to why it works for him and not for me as im the host of the world, it says the author of the mod is Unforgivne774, oocia

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My best guess is this: If you have loaded any of the mods below I have looked at/guessed at, then its likely your son has found and read the book "Art of Mining Vol 1"  and you have not.  Once you find and read this book, you will likely be able to find brass when mining the same boulders.


If you do not have this book already read for your character, and your son has this would make some sense.  If you want to prove this is what is happening with whatever mods you have loaded, and wanted to cheat a little vs finding/buying the book, you can go into the games cheat menu and give yourself the book and read it. I don't believe you can "take it back" though so once its read its read forever for your character.



I can't load the mod launcher because I'm not using windows... and all the mods I'm finding indicate "18.4" game compatibility, but some other things indicate a19 compatibility, so maybe the mod author(s)/maintainers are not updating the ModInfo.xml data for a19?


It *looks* like the mod name is "Harvestable Brass". Here's a link to it: https://7daystodiemods.com/harvestable-brass/ which says its for "alpha 18" of the game.

BUT! this leads to this forum here:


Which then leads to here; https://gitlab.com/army.bratt44/mods which then says "Unforgiven and tonys Brass From bolders"...which may be a different mod...but says the game version is "18.4" even though the gitlab "commit notes" indicate alpha 19 compatibility


ANYWAY: It you look at the mod, its 1 blocks.xml file, which has this in it:

<append xpath="/blocks/block [@name='terrOreIron']">
    <drop event="Harvest" name="resourceScrapBrass" prob="1.07"  count="50" tag="artOfMiningLuckyStrikeHarvest" />


which seems to indicate that the "brass harvestability" from iron boulders is linked to the "Art of Mining" perk trees, "Lucky StrikeHarvest" which appears to be given to you when reading the book "Art of Mining Vol 1"


HOWEVER! I found another mod called "Brass from Biomes" that has the same author(s) but is different, internally.  It also says "18.4" compatible but has more "in the mod" so its likely a newer mod? anyway, it has similar logic in it except the "brass from ore" icon looks like a goldish/brassy ore blob (the kind you can only smelt in the forge to then get the brass as a crafting item), whereas the other mod uses the standard 'brass" in the vanilla game...

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You sir/madam are a god damn genius i just created a test world because i went and checked my character and my character didnt have art of mining Vol 1 and i gave myself vol 1 and boom brass from iron thankyou so much for your help

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