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A19.6 Twitch language support goes live!


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Hello Survivors!

A19.6 b8 is now available on stable.

While working on A20 we wanted to give our players the opportunity to play Twitch Integration in their game's language.

Default English commands will continue to work, if they are available.

This way we hope we can collect potential bugs with translations and fix them for A20.



Expect some A20 news soon!:popcorn:


Bug reports here, please!


A19.6 Changelog



  •  Supported languages now are translated and supported for our Twitch Integration



  • Set cooldown to 0 causes actions to not populate.
  • Twitch login early timeout bug
  • Cooldown bar could get stuck if party members left while bar was mostly full
  • Queued Twitch Actions will auto refund after 60 seconds of not being able to be performed
  • Closing Twitch Options window too fast after connecting could cause an NRE
  • Re-ordered global cooldown settings to be lowest to highest
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