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a bear beat himself to death against a wall just outside my base

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I don't understand what the hell happened. It was night. I watched it from my base beating against a stone wall. Not a wall I built, it was part of a POI. I thought sure it was going to break the wall down and come to my base. I was thinking of how I would deal with it.


All of a sudden it stopped moving. I waited a good minute and it didn't move. Turns out it was dead. So I cut it up and have all the meat I need for the next week or two. There was nothing else there except the wall I'm sure of that.

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Could've been the lifespan timer; I'm positive about zeds, and don't see a reason it would be different about animals. Whenever an entity is spawned, they're given a max time they stay around, and once that's up, they die. Zeds even drop loot when that happens (if you run into a random bag in your SP, that's probably why). I assume sleepers will die, but not reduce the counters of the POI.


So, basically, the teddy may have just died of old age.. :)

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ya I was thinking clipping. For him to attack the wall doesn't make much sense unless the bear was trying to get to something inside. though for a zombie and a bear to not break down the wall between them before the bear dies seems super unlikely to me unless it was concrete or higher.

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