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My personal views on multiplayer game support

Blue mame

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This may just be my vision, they may not be realized!

I found in the server that they started some unnecessary programs, such as the loading of the unity model. As the server, these files should not be loaded to occupy the performance of the server.
They can be completely empty, smaller models to replace or not start, because the server and the client are two concepts, the client is based on the PC display requirements to start the unity model to drive the perspective, while the server only needs one Quick storage and judgment function is enough. I can hardly imagine the role of those models if the server starts.


The current server is equivalent to a client that starts a multiplayer connection. They perform server-side functions in a non-professional nature, so do I think it is reasonable?


I will clean up unnecessary unity models in the near future, let smaller empty models start them instead, and then see the effect!


This is a way of discussion, if there is a better way, please leave a message below


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