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Multiple traders giving quest in same location

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I have access to multiple (3) traders given T3 quests. And right now I got quest from all three traders giving the quest in the exact same house (One is "Clear and Fetch", the other two are "Clear").
There are other T3 POIs on the explored map (I have received T3 quests for other POIs), but the last 4 quests (2 from same trader and one from each of the others) are at this particular POI.
I think the game should avoid giving quests in the same POI back-to-back, and especially avoid giving quests from different traders to the same POI.

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Yeah, it´s a bit odd with the quests. Getting the same few POI`s over and over again even if there is a lot of other quest POI´s in the area. This is especially remarkable when you play with compopack and you get like 4 different POI`s for tier5 Quests all the time when there is like 20 of them around.


Deffo needs some work.

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