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Shutdown server as admin (not host)?

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Hi, I have a bit of a weird question, bear with me please ❤️
Me and my boyfriend have our own server that I started, friends + 2p only, so only we two can enter.
Since he can activate debug/creative menu I assume he got admin rights (can't remember if I somehow gave that to him or not).

We LOVE to build, but he likes to stay awake longer at night than me, but can't be in the server since he gets kicked out when I leave.
Is there a way for him to:
1. Login/stay in our server without me ( I assume this is impossible since I'm the host)
2. Shutdown the server on his command. As in, I stay in the game, hidden somewhere safe. He keeps building. When he decides to go to bed, can he kick us both out of the game ( so the time doesn't continue to tick/ I get killed while afk for a whole irl night)?

Odd question I know. And yes he should probably have been the host, but my PC and internet is way better, so we thought that would be to our benefit since him hosting has not really worked out earlier.
Thank you for any reply!

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1) Move the data to his PC and have him serve it. Not a good solution if his PC is too weak as you said.

2) Make the server run standalone aka headless. As soon as nobody is logged the headless server on your PC will still draw power but time will stop. Bad for environment but probably the easiest solution

3) If both of you are in the same subnet behind a router you can use solution 2 and he can additionally stop the server by using telnet or a webbrowser to connect to it. In the serverconfig.xml that you have to edit to make the headless server run you can also enable such a telnet or "ControlPanel" access. Those ports can be forwarded through the router if you are not in the same subnet, but then you reallly really should make sure you use a good password (more than say 15 random letters)




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Thank you!
I will look into the options and see what could work for us. It's more options than I expected!
Option 2 does indeed sound like the easiest one. I do not mind having my pc on as it's usually on anyway. But we will do some testing tonight.
Thanks again :)

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