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I found a bug

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3 minutes ago, Maharin said:

Nothing to do with the game but this bug was HUGE.  It would cover most of my phone if it were crawling on it.  Creepy.  Anyone recognize this thing?



Please don't do anything bad to it, we don't need covid-20 at the same time as 19!

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Posted (edited)
15 hours ago, Maharin said:

Anyone recognize this thing?


Never mind. Did some digging and it looks to be a male eastern dobsonfly.

Corydalus cornutus - Wikipedia


eastern dobsonfly at DuckDuckGo


Before someone asks, I did try a google image search. Their algorithm returned nothing but images of roaches and termites.

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On 7/3/2021 at 5:58 AM, Maharin said:

Nothing to do with the game but this bug was HUGE.  It would cover most of my phone if it were crawling on it.  Creepy.  Anyone recognize this thing?



You sir are very lucky to have found one so big.... or not? They don't usually get bigger than 2 inches on average, but if temperature, food and oxygen are high enough in their habitat ( near humid areas with cleanish water like streams and rivers )  they can get like this (let's forget that the larva is actually bigger and heavier than the final result in order to evade the nope feelings /// edit: actually the body has less volume as a larva because it doesn't have wings, but still nope) :




In Europe there there are similar species, but not that big. That's like the flying Fat Cop of river insects.

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44 minutes ago, Roland said:

Please submit that bug to the proper forum.


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Gonna need a bigger "report forum" for one of these. These won't fit through that one's grate. (The adults are about 5.5" inches long with a 5" wingspan) Might I suggest a tesla coil or large Jacob's Ladder?

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Years ago I bought one of these bad boys:




The wires are thick and it emits an audible hum (for you Schlock Mercenary fans: OMINOUS HUMMMMMMM) when the button is pressed, and there is a small risk of starting grass fires with it. I still have it and use it with great prejudice when camping. They are still available from your favorite rain-forest-themed online retailer, or wherever fine murder tools are sold.


I wrote the following review:



The Executioner is a sort of heavy-duty version of the electric swatters you can find in any hardware or camping store. Instead of a fine mesh of wires sandwiched in an outer metal grid, The Executioner has heavy-gauge metal bars strung horizontally. There is no protective grid and when the button is pressed the bars are energized. It's not going to kill anyone, but don't go swatting the cat with it.


(Seriously, don't do that, cats REALLY do not like getting zapped. On the scale below, cats are like level 50 if they're declawed and level 100+ if not*. It's your funeral, buddy.)


The Executioner is effective at killing insects, but I quickly found that not all insects are created equal. Some go down with the first zap and others need extra attention. For certain types of people (I've heard the word "twisted" used, but don't label me, bro) this adds an element of...um...science!...to frying pests around the house. Or while camping. Or while seated at a restaurant's outdoor patio.


(Note: I do not recommend performing Executioner-related science while at a restaurant's outdoor patio, unless you are keen to meet the manager and/or the local constabulary.)


Without further ado, I present my findings: The Definitive Insect** Power Rankings. Bugs are ranked from level 1 (explodes on zapping) to level 10 (nearly impossible to kill without using 120v AC power).


Level 1 (insta-death, may explode) - Common mosquito, gnats, no-see-ums (you do get to see um when they flash)
Level 2 (near-instant death, may twitch) - House fly, tiger mosquito, small moths, common black ant
Level 3 (certain death, always twitches) - Horse fly, medium moths, house spiders, large ants
Level 4 (probable death, may require second zap) - Large moths, medium-large spiders
Level 5 (50/50 on dying, 50/50 requires 2nd zap) - Hornets
Level 6 (rarely dies on 1st zap; usually finished on 2nd) - Crickets
Level 7 (always requires 2nd zap; usually dies after that) - Small wasps, large spiders
Level 8 (always requires 2nd zap, may require 3rd) - Medium wasps
Level 9 (always requires multiple zaps, may survive long enough to escape) - Large wasps
Level 10 (multiple zaps, frequent escapes) - Great Black Wasp (Sphex pensylvanicus)


Wait, this goes to 11:

Level 11 (multiple zaps, rarely dies, escapes and ALERTS OTHERS) - Cicada Killer (Sphecius speciosus)


Note that a "zap" is a one-time touch by The Executioner. If you hold the bug down and keep the button pressed, nothing except Cicada Killers will survive that. In fact, Cicada Killers will only get stronger, and oh by the way they alerted all their friends while you were holding them down and tickling them with The Executioner. And they all think your name is 'Cicada.'

If you see Cicada Killers in your yard, reach for the flame thrower, not The Executioner.

Or just ignore them, they are huge and scary, but they really don't bother with humans who aren't giving them electroshock therapy.


*I never touched any cats with The Executioner. This is only a joke.
**Yes I know that spiders are not insects.


I presume that the Short-Fanged Nopefly that @Maharin found would rate at least an 8 or 9.

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