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This was unexpected....

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ppls asked  "how were you so calm?" 


Been through a major quake (northridge) and of course, army training. 


In the immortal words of the bunny  "I'll be scared later, right now I'm too mad"   :D


The front of the house has an enclosed porch. (that's what was hit)  Cinderblocks up to the window line.


My mother had her computer/office on that porch. She was in there when it happened.


Office has been moved. (and what a chore what was moving the cabling for the phone/computer)


Mother is NOT amused.


Was not a minor crunch.  (still trying to figure out how the screen shook when it hit. OBS captures the game, yet IT shook. odd)


Of course, next day, stream said I hadda shewt stuff. I did.


Viewer used MM to get me kilt 5 times.  heh.


That WAS fun.  :D


(now, where can I find some AT obstacles and some mines.... hrmmm)    😛


(I know, I wish)




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I heard that too. What the heck? In my neck of the woods we'd check on you and tell you to get some drivers training and wait for the police so we could get it fixed. If you tried to run...   well...   we have a LOT of boomsticks in the south and could mark that vehicle so it's easy to locate.

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crunched the block wall at the porch (it's boarded and sealed now. tempfix)


yes, the peeled out and took off.   (they were caught)


By the time I ran downstairs, he was gone.  No boomsticks, I but I had my baseball bat handy. (Q3 aluminum)  :D



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