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Can't play on friends server (plz help)

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I can't play on a friends server.

I can actually log in, but I only see the 'forest intro screen'. I seem to be able to move and interact with the things around me, but I am basically 'blind'. I can see my HUD and according to my nav I am moving and I get XP and loot from 'randomly' hitting stuff.


The error I am getting ist (unfortunatly in german):

"EAC: Verletzung der Integrität

Unknown file version

(7DaysTo Die_Data\resources.assets.ress)

Du wirst während der Spielsitzung nicht auf durch EAC geschützte SErver zugreifen können"


I was able to play with my friends before on the same server.

I am still able to play on my own server.


Please help.

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you dont offer much for help such as link to the complete output log (from pastebin), your video and UI settings, screen shots of your screen showing this and showing your video game settings... info on your computer and what mods you are using.


guys here can only speculate until you offer more. look at green banner at top of this thread.

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