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Blood Moon with problems!

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I have a problem with the horde this has been happening to me for a long time, I am trying to solve it but the truth is I cannot find a solution, In the horde the players of lvl 260 are not appearing Zombies. But for other lower level players it works fine. I have it in max Z 64, Zombies bloodmoon: 8. In the logs it is not saying anything, no error.

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  • Sarakatunga changed the title to Blood Moon with problems!

Allocs Fixes needs to be updated.
Snufkin's Autominer hasn't been updated since 18.4. Is not likely to be compatible.

BCM is obsolete, and hasn't been used for Botman for a while.

Bosses1.0 shows it's for 19.2. Unable to locate to determine if it's valid or not.


Okay, I'm done with it.  Can't go any further. There is literally no point in continuing.

You have mods that haven't been updated since a18 and are known not working, along with such a mix of overhaul mods that are overlapping and also most likely obsolete that it isn't even funny.


Wipe it all. Then start clean.

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