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TFP another game idea


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Well we loves 7dtd , so everywant to see their another game. 

So i have  2 ideas :

1.  - 7dtd prequel Something like dead island but focused on  few areas -  It start with cutscene - you are a indian and you talk with chef of your viliage about pionieers and how to stop them.

Present time - you wake up in barrack , you hear news and you get order to go somewhere but your helicopter is hitted by something and you are forced to run away from crash site. 1 Map is city on island - your job is find a chooper and fly away. Your job end with succeces but you see nuklear explosions and another chooper go down. You wake up and you are trying to survive until you repear a radio. You get info about  secret lob and you are going there fighting with bandits zombie mutants. etc Game ended when you and docs are going to chooper but someone shot rpg and you must fight with bandits docs are killed and you are captured by Duke and throw out somewhere from truck ( that's how 7dtd beginns) .

Some levels works like are closed , but most of them are opened like in dying light. You can craft melee weapons , ammo makes barricades in you bases because in some moments you must fight agains zombie hordes but in contrast to 7dtd you can easy find guns in good condition , most zombie is feral , there is new zombie types , friendly surviors soldiers , enemy bandits PMC etc. In coop it change that you and you friends only surive crashed get captured etc. 


2 (maybe can better worsk on unreal) - mix of valheim , 7dtd , and horizon zero dawn -  you start as guy or girl after ending high school . You character fell bad and fall on the ground. And now depends on you past - wild child , geek , party animal.  you get into pocket dimenshion and tutorial depednds on your character type ( you can skip it) - wild kid get bow , geek primitive pistol ,party animal get magical staff.  You learn similiar to 7dtd how to make food shelter etc and it and when your character find a crystal and die he or she awakes and get info about this world and your character go to sleep. Few years later - ( now begin coop game) you character have +- 22 years - and now his or her stuff depends on character past - wild child get bow , knife and light clothes ( something similar to fiber clothes but mixed with leater and no shoes -  geek pistol and electric baton (  like 7dtd ) as scrap armor , party animal gets magical stuff ( like throwing fireball) and healing. and normal clothes ( well modern clothes but in bad condtion) - every classes get on start few point in his trait but wild kid can learn how to make gun or geek how to use thunderbolt.  World have two section - safe inside and dangerous  outside. Safe inside is woodlands with trees small ruins clean rivers ( horizon zero vibes) and only dangerouse thing is mines- ( this is only place when you can mine below) and like more like "runs" you go there mining stuff fighting with monsters etc but after your death or going outside it's going restarted - you can find random stuff like weapons armors ,muschroms  ores or salt ( salt is important to make food) - mines have levels like terraria .  Outside zone looks like 7dtd wastelands - grey place with ruins, broken cars , old pirate ships , castles , ww1 military base etc - there you can find enemies like - skeleton zombies ghost (you need salt to kill them) , possesed soldiers , living dools etc. You have similar to 7dtd  health food , water stamina ,but you have "mental state too" - food and water works similar to helheim - more food = more hp , more water more stamina but mental state works in diffrent way and force you to limit your going outside  less mental health = your view will be more and more red and blured and when you get 0 you can on heart attack similar to DD . Wild child can regenerate in fast just sitting in forest , hunting , going barefoot , geek by reading books crafting and building , party animal by  making food farming learing spells potions and create furnitures ( like paitings in minecraft).Fighting with some monster like crazy people , cultists , elder ones , getting dirty , get hit or spend too much outside will make your state worst.  Every class get perks on start - wild child only can run without shoes, food go slower , dirty dont influe on mental state gets bonus to bows and melee weapons and go quieter ( sneaky  class), Geek get protection against some status like infection or stunned ,have more health , guns make bigger dmg and bombs doing bigger explosions and make stuff  more effective ( using less resorces) , - party animal gets bonus  to traiding , protections against cold and fire , more effective spells and make food compose slower. And yeah food can compose (THAT;S WHY YOU NEED SALT) clothes and weapons gets dmg . But some clothes lik thirts or pants only lost protection and can be fixed always but armor ,hats or shoes can be destroyed totally and you have only chance to be fixed. Traders are safe zone outside and let you regenere you mental state a litlle bit and you some traders  want gold  some of them iron or crystalls. 

What do you thinks guys?




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