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SMS Wasteland PVE ( Mods Required ) Wiped 6-11-2021

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SMS Wasteland PVE
Port: 26980


Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Server settings:

300% XP & Loot
7 Day Loot Respawn
300% Player block damage boost
No Bag Drop on death or log out.

EAC is off.

World Gen Seed : StriateElizabethans
World Gen Size : 8192
Blood Moon zombies per player: 64
Maximum Zombies allowed: 200
Land Claims Allowed per player: 5

You NEED to install these mods to play this server.




Standard SMS Rules:
No Player Killing, No Base Raiding, No Stealing.


SMS Wasteland PVE


New Discord.






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  • wicketness changed the title to SMS Wasteland PVE ( Mods Required ) Wiped 6-11-2021 (Weekend Group Event Join Us)

---SMS Wasteland PVE Weekend Group---


Day 1 report.


Well i call that a fun night, sneaky taught us a helicopter can fly upside down almost killed us all lol.

I told him not to press that button when we found that crashed alien ship. and 100's of Super Mutants and zombies attacked.


The SMS rescue team dropped off a bunch of Armored vehicles to transport survivors back to base along with all the loot.

We got to test how fast our guns can shoot and lived to tell about it.


lets hope we are now better prepared for what is to come, i am sure i saw a massive horde on the drive home. Looks like they might reach the base by day 21.

We have a lot of work to do ensure we all survive.

---SMS Wasteland PVE Weekend Group---

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---SMS Wasteland PVE Weekend Group---


Day 3 report.


We had a good day scouting and gathering resources the day 14 horde went good it was larger then expected but we survived.

We lost one vertibird  to some mysterious forces manged to fine a replacement, I suspect the super mutants had something to do with it.

Found another ship and were attacked again, we were much better prepared this time we made quick work of the super mutants.


I never seen anyone play tag before with alien weapons that is a new one on my list lol. There might have been some damage done to a few buildings lol.

I am not sure if we are prepared enough for the massive horde that we can now see in the far distance.


The horde is much larger then i expected it looks like it numbers in the thousands.
I don't think day 21 is what we have to worry about anymore.

They seem to be coming from all sides and i fear we may not have enough ammo to fend them all off.


There is some good luck finally as the alien ships we found had a huge load of weapons and ammo, these look to be much more powerful then what we have now.

I just hope they will be enough, I have sent a call for help to the SMS Rescue team and they promise they will bring everything they have to support us in this fight.


We need more people to join us and help defend the Base, everything we worked for is here. I feel we stirred the hornets nest exploring the area around us.

We have enough guns but we need more people to man them.

We are in the final hours before the attack

I fear this is the last we will see of the home base i don't think the walls will hold without more help.


---SMS Wasteland PVE Weekend Group---

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---SMS Wasteland PVE Weekend Group---


Final report day 4.


There was just too many zombies for the players to handle.
They had no choice but to launch the nukes.


Not only were there zombies but Super Mutants And Raiders decided to attack at the same time.

Everything was lost now only remains the crater of where the nukes were dropped.

They fought a good fight, but there was just too many.

Thank you everyone for joining me this weekend for some good ol fashioned fun.


---SMS Wasteland PVE Weekend Group---

7 Days To Die 2021-06-13 5_52_08 PM.png

7 Days To Die 2021-06-13 5_34_21 PM.png

7 Days To Die 2021-06-13 5_27_57 PM.png

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  • wicketness changed the title to SMS Wasteland PVE ( Mods Required ) Wiped 6-11-2021

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