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Jegethy's Modlets


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A collection of modlets that I've created for myself and friends


[A19.5/6] Better Book Icons


This mod changes the item icon on books and schematics so you can more easily see whether or not you've read it.


Compatible with new and existing worlds.





Download Latest Version


Thanks to khzmusik and Haidrgna for inspiration and ideas



[A19.5/6] Trader Protection Aura



Trader Protection Aura is a very simple, niche modlet that is designed for use with custom trader POIs, such as those found in Compopack, but can also be used without them. This is mainly aimed at the multi-trader POIs which are susceptible to zombies wandering in and interrupting you while you're bartering for that sweet new cowboy hat.


The modlet adds a buff to traders which protects any players within range, making them invulnerable to damage and immune to ailments and debuffs. The protective aura persists for 3 seconds after leaving the trader's vicinty, providing a small grace period from damage.


Compatible with new and existing worlds.


Mod Versions


Trader Protection Aura


Simply applies protection to players


Trader Protection Aura Anti-Cheese (Recommended for servers)


Applies protection to players and zombies, and prevents usage of weapons and tools.
This prevents players from being able to cheese the mechanic by fighting zombies near the trader while they're invulnerable


Download Latest Version


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21 minutes ago, Iceburg71 said:


Possibility of a red question mark?


You can change it to any icon or image you want. Just change the name of the new image file to match the name of the image in the UIAtlas folder.


I don't know if they have a question mark icon, but this is a site I use often: https://game-icons.net/

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53 minutes ago, Skullfracture said:

Nice, great for quickly scanning schematics (the default white is a bit of a pain if you are old and wear glasses like me).


Although I agree with Green for unlearned, Red for learned. So thanks to Scomar as well.

I thought same thing when I downloaded it. Nice bright colours easy to pick out and I went in and just switched the names of the icons so Green means good to read, and Red means Sorry, you already read it. :)


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