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How map size affects RAM usage?

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Hi folks!


The question is in the title. I want to start a fresh SINGLE PLAYER game on my computer what contains 16GB RAM. I want to play Undead Legacy mod and to use KingGen map generator for making a fresh map with Magolis Compopack 47 prefabs set.


Can someone tell me how much is the difference of memory usage between a 8K  - 16K maps? I dont really know what size of map my computer can handle without problems.

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I never played 16k maps. I also play solo 99% of the time and the biggest maps i played alone were 8k. I also have 16gb of RAM and i never went beyond 7-8gb of usage. I use NitroGen/KingGen maps and the CompoPack as well.

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Anything over 12k is not stable.


RAM usage for a custom map will vary greatly based on the density you choose when creating it. So an 8k map with KingGen could take up more RAM than a 16k map made with the client.


As for what your computer can handle, that's going to depend a lot on your computer hardware. It's not just about how much RAM you have with a Voxel game.

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