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Need advice for windows server 2019 and 7 days to die cpu usage issue.

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I may have an issue,

i am still gathering info and talking to other people,  post here to see if anyone has had this happen to them.

my host system is using 25% cpu when i have 0 players online.


this is not normal i need help identifying what is causing it, it is coming from 3 of the 7 days to die servers i am hosting it seems.

these are my only active servers, the rest are just there to hold botman server managers i have running.


This has recently started and seems to happen periodically,

i have a screen shot of the usage per server,

unfortunately i do not have a head tech helping us right now so i need to ask here on what logs do i need to supply and where are they located.

I am still building up my support team.


we are using mods that are server side only. and i have not changed them in quite a while i don't think it would be them causing this as months ago with 10 7dtd servers running

i still only used less then 7% cpu with 0 players online.


The only other questionable info i can provide is a screen shot of of errors (red text) that seems to be a server manager or some type of scanning being done.

i had this happen across six 7 days to die servers 24 hours ago.  I didn't grab a screenshot of it but i have one from the previous one. this exact same thing keeps happening.

the IP and port is always different each tine it happens.


I have not clue on what it could be.

i have already done a full back up of all servers, updated windows server, ran multiple scans and nothing came up.

i have restarted the host multiple times thinking maybe it was a telnet crash.

At this point i am at a loss and need help digging deeper.




here are the 2 screen shots.




5 24 cpu useage.JPG


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  • wicketness changed the title to Need advice for windows server 2019 and 7 days to die cpu usage issue.

Get rid of "super anti-spyware" and it's services.

Exclude all the game server folders from Windows defender.

And, post an output log from a misbehaving server. They are in the 7DaysToDie_data folder.


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I have decided to just back up everything fully and reformat my host system.

I am monitoring it atm.


i will grab the output logs if i see it again. for the moment it seems to be working much better, with 7 game servers online it only is using less then 7% cpu.

I am not sure if i am out of the woods yet.

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