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SchematicsParts from scrapping Schematics and Perkbooks


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inspired from Ravenhearst and Darkness Falls, where you can scrap the Schematics, i made this modlet for Vanilla Game to use similar mechanic.


Put an end to the eternal search for a missing book in a series, simply disassemble the schematics and books you have already learned.
with the corresponding number of SchematicParts you can then craft the missing book yourself.

All schematics and skill books as well as quest papers can be disassembled into schematic parts. With these parts as well as a ruler, pencil and paper, which can be found in loot, you can craft the schematics and skill books yourself. Furthermore, 3 mission books can also be crafted from this parts. They will give you a killing quest to finish for a reward.

Installation notes:

7 Days in Version 19.4 or higher - supported languages: english, german

Just unzip the archive into the Mods folder of 7 Days. Example:(your drive:\steamapps\common\7 Days To Die\Mods\)


V1.1: Add a crafting-timer to reduce craftingtime



Nexus Mods













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v1.1 update (see edit history)
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