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A19.5 EXP - Twitch Integration!

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Hello fellow survivors!

Today you can play with A19.5!


What it holds for you guys:


How to opt in:

This is how you access the A19.5 build:

1. right click on the game in steam 

2. click on properties

3. click the "betas" tab

4. the drop down menu will have latest_experimental available   ← you want THAT

5. select that and wait for the game to download.



A19.5 b1-b50



  • First version of Twitch Integration.
  • Voxel mesh pooling 
  • Chunk decal and model dither fading 
  • Distant terrain decreases mesh detail when farther 
  • gfx dtmaxlod console command
  • Allow selection of steering mode on controllers by pressing DPad down 



  • FindTagInChilds does not make garbage 
  • Improved Show Stability colors 
  • Distant POIs to use a shared material 
  • Improved chunk LOD update 
  • Optimized chunk object handling and frame timings 
  • Optimized terrain mesh generation 
  • Optimized terrain control textures to not update with every mesh update 
  • Optimized distant terrain tile size 
  • Optimized VoxelMesh AddMesh 
  • Optimized distant terrain render order 



  • Z fighting at barn_02 (window/loot container)
  • Dedi servers fail to update bedroll locations after pickup
  • Block previews have differences in shading at night 
  • Block preview for normal blocks leaking a mesh on each update 
  • ItemClassBlock CreateMesh having to destroy unneeded colliders 
  • Empty voxel meshes were being created 
  • Distant POI mesh and material leaks 
  • Distant POIs could load and leak extra invisible objects 
  • Chunk LOD update not using XZ center for distance 



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Hello friends!


Here is a new A19.5 EXP build to fix more thing on the Twitch Integration while we are still working full steam ahead on A20.


A19.5 b51-b53



  • Ignore Loot Abundance setting for Loot Containers. 


  • Login Twitch tooltip displays permission requirements for clients. 
  • Hardcore and Easy cooldown settings renamed to Shorter and Longer. 
  • Renamed Cooldown Presets to Global Cooldown. 
  • Reworded the tooltip for Global Cooldown. 


  • Twitch Supply Crates should ignore Loot Abundance settings. 
  • Enrage Action should wake sleepers. 
  • Negative point commands should not add negative points to pimp pot. 
  • Pimp pot no longer allowed to be negative. 
  • Delayed notifications for twitch actions after game shutdown causes NRE. 
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For the weekend a tiny update for you all.

Have a great weekend!


A19.5 b54



  • Localization entry issues


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One quick build going out with a change to the "successful kill of streamer" message background.




A19.5 b55



  • Death message has new background.


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Good evening!

We were busy fixing some more bugs for twitch integration.

Hopefully you experienced none of them!


Have a great day!


A19.5 b56-b60

  • Invalid targets could cause loss of points if the streamer is in a party. 
  • Null Ref while using actions right after logging into twitch.
  • Twitch Action extends should exclude Command and Command_key.
  • Excluded Description key and Title key as well. 
  • Random NRE from turning on/off vision effects.


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