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MOD advice - specific requirements (disabled players)

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Hubby and I love this game. We don't play as often as we would like because new versions frequently require modding, which hubby can do, but takes him time and energy he doesn't really have.  So if there is a mod already made out there that might fit perhaps one of you know it. He doesn't like playing on the lowest setting (not sure why)


  • No vultures or demolition zombies - basically anything that cuts thru concrete like butter
  • Reduced block damage by all zombies (I think hubby sets this at 50%)
  • Alternate recipe for torches - I think coal and sticks or something
  • Lower stamina usage for tools.


I am sure there are other things he adds, but those are the ones that stop us from playing as rebuilding a base every horde night (even set to 28 days) is too much to allow us to enjoy the game. I would love more crops and blocks, but that isn't really a focus, but if the mod includes those things, I'm for it. I'd like to have it be able to be run on a server machine, but I can do it across the LAN hosting the game if the mod won't work on a server.  Not using anticheat since it is just 2 of us playing.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


EDIT: I can get a complete list of what he changes when he wakes up.

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To get rid of certain zeds, there’s aome

Mods here that allow you to replace each zed type with zombie Moe: 



There’s some stamima changing mods:

For the other things, I don’t know of anything specific 

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