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Running servside mod with an overhaul mod, what could go wrong?

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As title says.

I was searching for an answer and never found one.

Is this possible?

I'm using darkness falls mod on a private server (g-portal) but want to add more other stuff without my friends needing to go out of their way for every mod.

Also, where can i find some server side mods?

Thanks :D

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It can be possible but it's very much trial and error.


Sometimes a server side only mod will instantly be accepted to an overhaul and fit in well.
Sometimes it will partially take and work but not be fully functional in some regards.
Sometimes it will not load at all.
Sometimes it will cause untold issues within the server with players receiving errors and locking up.


You can find a lot of server side only mods in the Mods area of the forum which is the same area you posted.
However, it is possible your post may get moved to another area of the forum which more specifically relates to support.

If that's the case, they are listed here.


Modders are typically very good at detailing if there mods are server side only or also require client side downloads.
Two places which list the mods in a more catergorised approach are 7daystodiemods.com and Nexus.

In addition, the more prolific modders on this forum will have their own thread which lists all of their creations, typically including server side mods as well as client side mods. For example, Doughs modlets, and Stalliondens' modlets. This posting lists a lot of Modders' creations in alphabetical order and is also a very good resource for tracking.


In summary, with 7 Days to Die being a labor of love over many years, there is a huge amount of server side only content out there but it's rather spread out over multiple portals. It may be best to ask your question directly in the DF thread as well because that is where the experience will be.

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