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Is a boat just as good as helicopter in Zombie Apocalypse?

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1 hour ago, faatal said:

Never read that series, but I did enjoy his Posleen War books.

He does a lot of Milspeak, well typing, lol.  But just the base 4 books are good, I'll also recommend the Black Tide books that he had co-authors on.  I've got them on kindle and in paperback.  You might also look at the Troy Rising series based on the fact that you liked the Legacy of the Aldenata, (Posleen War).  First book in Troy is Live Free or Die.


His series The Council Wars goes more of a mix between medieval and high tech sci fi.  First book there is There Will Be Dragons.  Hell I like pretty much anything John Ringo, and Brandon Sanderson not too far behind him.

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