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Can we have an official "You are obviously an idiot or a liar" forum reaction?


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Probably not the right place for this, but I thought it would be amusing.


None of current reactions seem to fully encompass my absolute disdain for some of the absolute horse**** that is posted in these forums.


From users who post contradictory statements from one thread to another, to others that try to cover their desire for an FPS with "balancing" concerns, I periodically take breaks from the forums just so that I don't make a valiant attempt to get myself banned.


The solution for this would be to have a subtly scathing, moderator approved, reaction button!


Something for those of us that can see through the epeen stroking and outright confabulation to use as an outlet for the vitriol that we hold back in the interest of common decency.


I was really sad to see the "Poop" reaction go the way of the dodo.



OR a way to add forum user avatars/profile names to zombies in the game :classic_tongue:

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8 minutes ago, Reckis said:


I see what you did there ;) 


I was thinking more like a dunce cap

Brain powering up... glowing brighter... burning with great computational power....


ooh!  How about a dunce cap ....made out of crap.  A “dunce crap” to replace the old crap icon. 

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