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Can't 1 shot ore with 20% chance


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Think about it more like this: For every hit you make on an ore with a pick or auger, there is a 20% chance that the ore will break immediately! 

This means you might be unlucky and have that 20% chance occur on the same hit that would destroy the ore anyways!

Using an auger however seems alot more effective with this perk, since you have a much more rapid rate of which you hit the block!  That means you will faster be lucky enough to have the ore destroyed sooner!

I hope you understood what im trying to explain xD


Edit: Basicly, to increase effectiveness with the 20% chance, its not about hitting harder, its about hitting faster! 

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while it's random, it does tend to cluster.  Auger because it hits more often, procs more often. no duh.


With a steel pickaxe, it will proc, just keep smashing away.


Annoyingly, with the auger, the double procs always seem to be when I'm right near the end of the block, and the second one takes out the block below.

Messing up my nice tidy mining ops.  tsk.


(for fun, would be nice if that 1 hit would apply to zeds when using an auger.  instagib.  hee-hee)


I still need more coffee.

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