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7 Days To Starve - An Immersive Food Spoilage Mod.


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This is my first mod, wanted to post here to get some feedback.

I recently downloaded DMT Mods by SphereII and seen Food
Spoilage example XML mod by: SphereII. I searched for food spoilage mods and noticed that no one has created one and thought it would be a fun and immersive mod to make.

I would like to thank SphereII for this mod would not be possible.


(Just a copy and paste, I was lazy lol)
This is an immersive mod and not a challenging mod, it can make the game more easier or harder, depending on your settings and play-style.
This mod is configured to my personal preferences (still a work in progress), reconfigure it to your liking. Suggestions are also welcomed.

*Must start a new game*
*Should be safe to update over old saved games.

(1 minute in real life = 1 hour in-game time)
Raw meat will last about 1 minute and spoils to RottingFlesh. Hunting must be planned to avoid returning home with rotting flesh.
Cooked Meats will last about 4 minutes with the exception of GrilledMeat about 6 minutes and both will spoil to rotting flesh.
Bread will last about 80 minutes and spoils to Sham Sandwich.
Sham Sandwich will last about 30 minutes and spoils to Moldy Bread.
Drinks will last about 90 minutes and spoils to RiverWater.
Raw and Cooked Crops will last about 100 minutes and spoils to a RottingCrop (new recourse),

Preservation: Canned foods can now be crafted and must be crafted at a workstation, Advanced Engineering and Master Chef.
Changed canned food attributes to be more realistic and wholesome.
Changed some food recipes that didn't make sense.

Removes Rotting flesh recipe from the farm plot and brings back Fertilizer, which can be crafted to create the farm plot using crops.
Adds a new item compost, which can be crafted to create the farm plot using RottingCrop.
RottingCrop can be crafted at a cement mixer to create compost using crops or by letting crops spoil.

Updates History:
Added some balancing: 
Grilled meat will always use 5 raw meat and will give 5 food.
Boiled meat will always take 10 raw meat and give 30 food. (might change to 20 and cans to 15 food, not sure)
Changed some canned food recipes.
For inventory management all cooked food meats will now spoil to Rotting Flesh.
Added a special resource corn cob.

Download; 7 Days To Starve

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Since it uses SphereIIs core, the core must also be loaded.  As the core uses code, for A19 this mod and the core either must both be loaded by the mod launcher, or otherwise compiled with DMT.

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