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Lands of Vikings PvE Servers


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With more than 3 years of operations, Lands of Vikings is one of the uniquest operating servers in 7 Days to Die. Our main focus has always been to taking 7 Days to Die to the next level and creating an impressive PvE environment which is well balanced and challenging. Most of mods are made by the LoV staff and are only found here.

Dedicated Physical Server(Intel Core i9 9900K, 128GB RAM, SSD M.2 NVMe).
Hosted in Germany, Frankfurt Datacenter in Europe.
Automated restarts(tooks 30-40sec for reboot).

Allocs Server fixes, CPM, CSMM and ServerTools.
Interactive Server Web Maps.
Custom chat commands and teleports.

Safeplace /lobby with workstations.

Both servers have online webshops.


[PvE] LANDS OF VIKINGS #1 | 500%XP | 200%LOOT [EU|US]


[PvE] LANDS OF VIKINGS #2 | 1000%XP | 200%LOOT [EU|US]



Both servers are equiped with mods, #1 Server is heavily modded, #2 Server is close to vanilla.

Make your Choice and come join us :)

Website: https://landsofvikings.eu

Discord: https://discord.gg/k7DgM5zHSv



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