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New project for the Aussies!

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Playing around with making a custom Oz map. This is my 2nd draft. Mountains are accurate(ish) , major river systems are correct and I even added Uluru. Yes I realise I have generated way too many buildings, this was just for show. Nobody wants to live in Tasmania though! 🤣 😂

Trying to work out a good way to add all desert in the middle, not sure how to go about that....yet. If anyone can help on that I would be grateful. I'm thinking it might have something to do with the height map or maybe the mask? Please share if you know!

Map is called Oz-Zombie....obviously 💀


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Oops, my apologies mods, could you please move this post to the Nitrogen thread? Sorry, I had a brain fart when I posted this...was tired 🥱

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