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GameStage stuck at 720 gs on A19.4 (b7)

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Hello, we are with a friend on a client server that I host. We are on Windows 10, on version A19.4 (b7). 

We're at day 331 (10 minutes a day option), i'm level 300 with all books learned, killed 18500+ zombies, but my gamestage is stuck from already 5 in game days at 720 (even if I tried to launch the game again, verify steam files, kill more zombies, do quests ...).

I think the bug come from the fact I glitched a level 5 quest. (start the quest, loot, then disconnect and reconnect to start again the quest... over 10 times).

I don't really know how to fix it, my goal is to reach the 1000 gamestage trophy on steam, but with that problem I can't. 


Here is the log: https://pastebin.com/ijgQAeYY


An help would be appreciate,

Have a nice day.

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44 minutes ago, Also0 said:

Oh ok, and where is from the x1.2 multiplier ?

This is the difficulty mulitiplier. It depended on difficulty setting in earlier alphas but in recent alphas is just fixed at 1.2


PS: Made a bug report. Probably won't help you in your game, except if they fix it fast and backport it to A19.


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