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Oblivion Mods - All Mods (New Mod - Zombie Resurrection)


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Age of Oblivion is the overhaul I am currently working on. Farm Life Revisited is the first component I am working on for this project. But in the process of development I am going to keep many components separate  and release them as individual Modlets that I will list here.  The end product may not contain every modlet I create but I will still release them all.

Current Mods are:


Farm Life Revisited


X-Wing T65

Sports Car Pack


NEW! Zombie Resurrection



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  • pipermac changed the title to Oblivion Mods - All Mods (New Mod - Zombie Resurrection)
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Is there any chance that we can get more than just the cube blocks for the decorblocks mod?


It´s really nice and much needed but it limits the building options a lot. All the bases we build so far wouldn´t be viable for this mod because our builder uses a lot of shapes.


Edit: This needs to be installed for players and servers or only on the server? (Modders should really make that clear, pls. It´s a pain to search for serverside only mods)

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