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Suggestion: Fergettin lixer is extremely overpriced for its worth


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So if you manage to find one early from a trader, its 20,000 dukes.
Typically, its 40,000 dukes
(Defaults, no perks or bonuses)

Does this item REALLY provide a 20k, 40k advantage?
I just dont think so.
Its a help, yes. It allows you to save some points in the mid to late game sometimes but, this price really takes away from the people whod like to use it the most- newbies.
So, my suggestion is drop that price to around 10-15k. It may not be the most affordable thing in the world but at least its actually attainable in some reasonable fashon and not just on the late, late game.

Also, free respec potion at level 50 -weve earned it and you created vultures so I think a favor is due. ;) hahaha xD

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That potion is cheap at 40k. Not because some guy could save 3 perk points at lvl 50. But because a guy could save more like 20 perk points at lvl 50:


There are lots of perks that are very useful in early game but lose some or all of their usefullness in late game. Animal Tracker, Treasure Hunter, Pack Mule, Master Chef, Huntsman, (Well insulated), Pain Tolerance, Slow Metabolism, Rule One Cardio, Better Barter, Daring Adventurer, (Advanced Engineering), Grease Monkey, (Physician).


If you plan ahead you can get the most out of many of these skills and make your life much easier in early game. Then at the right time respec and make a lean mean combat machine out of yourself without that baby fat. There are many perks that are advantageous in late game but hard to get because they are distributed over all attributes, just one example: Run and Gun




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