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Sam's Sustainable Forestry - Reduce Tree Seeds / Tree Farms - A20, Server-Side


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On 2/11/2022 at 10:21 AM, Samfisch said:
Unfortunately, the ghost trees still exist, regardless of whether I only have the mod on them or whether I also reduce the trees in the biome. it's always when you look in a certain direction. you can see it even if you only see the shadow of the tree on the ground. oh yes, and dead tree seeds only have 50 points, which can be destroyed more quickly by the bush seeds.


Can you try disabling Occlusion from the Main Menu > Video Settings? Occlusion + Trees are a known issue in vanilla.


Also, I'll update the hitpoints for the dead tree sapling when I get 5 minutes and give you a shout to download the updated version.

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On 5/11/2021 at 10:55 PM, saminal said:

Okay I haven't tested this thoroughly yet so I'm not going to update the main download link, but here's an updated version: https://downgit.github.io/#/home?url=https://github.com/saminal1/samsmods/tree/dev/SSustainableForestry

I've replaced the model for the 'Dead' Sapling, treeDeadPineLeaf (which is a shape/mesh/texture) with treePlainsTree (which is a model). Hopefully this will stop the error messages; however, if the errors are being caused by trees that already exist you'll probably need to remove them if you can find them.


It's also got a fix in it for the trees in the Burnt Forest, which weren't regrowing previously.

The mod should be compatible enough to go over the top of the previous version - there are no blocks removed, only modified. However, it's always risky changing mods on an existing game so PLEASE if you do go for an update, take a backup and plan some downtime with your players so you can rollback if anything's broken. Don't say I didn't warn you.

is this the released version yet ?  i had the deco error motioned above and have tried using this version along with region and deco reset within the area of the dead trees. any who i am currently running this version and still get the dead deco issue


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