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Rizz & Trig Undead Legacy & Ravenhearst + a Monthly Community Event Where the Winner receives $40 in Steam Wallet Codes


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This is an edit of the original post:


My friend Triggy and I have put into place 2 7 Days Servers.  Ravenhearst and Undead Legacy.  Both servers are 200% Loot / XP, 4 LCB 41 In Size, Drop Nothing on Death, Zombie Block Damage 75%, Player Block Damage 125%, Marked Airdrops Every Day, 3 Day Loot Respawn.

We have in place CSMM Server Manager with a gimme system, online virtual currency earning per zombie kill and minute on the server, online virtual shop to buy items, teleports to set for traders and various places, a donation system in tiers where depending on donation you can get various perks like extra teleports, vehicles, tools, schematics, dukes, virtual currency, and extra classes. 


We also have monthly and weekly events and giveaways. 


We also have a sister community called HotB Gaming that has 2 7 Days servers - War3zuK and Darkness Falls.  Triggy and I are admins there too.  Basically same settings with CSMM server manager as well.  They also have Ark, Empyrion, Conan Exiles, SCUM servers, and more.


For more information about our servers and our sister community servers. or to join up, our discord is http://discord.gg/tZnZzNmVGV


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  • Rizzano changed the title to Rizz & Trig Undead Legacy & Ravenhearst + a Monthly Community Event Where the Winner receives $40 in Steam Wallet Codes

And now for the event post - Yesterday (4-17-21) was our first of our monthly Last Player Standing events.  We had 4 participants.  The winner was a player named DeViT, he won $40 in steam wallet codes.  


As stated, this is a monthly event.  The event will always take place on or after the 15th of each month on the first Saturday following.  The next event is May 15th.  


This event is basically a hunger games style event, where the last player alive wins.  Also, each participant gets a Steam game code from my list of games just for participating.


If the event, like yesterday, goes into hour 4, there will be a Sudden Death in the form of teleporting every player to one spot and spawning in zombies from weakest to strong.


For information on the event such as rules, and to join and register for the event, join our discord and then tag me to let me know you wish to register. http://discord.gg/tZnZzNmVGV


This is getting off the ground as our first event was yesterday, so I plan to make this a monthly thing from now on. Each time the event happens the winner will receive $40 in steam codes, and each participant will receive a game key from me from my list of games (participants get to choose from the list.)


Thank you and happy surviviing!

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Last month my server community hosted a Last Player Standing event - kind of a PVE Hunger Games, if you will. The event lasted 4 hours and at the end we did a sudden death which was me spawning multiple zombies in until one of the last 2 participants died. The winner received $40 in steam wallet codes and each other participant got a game key from me of their choosing. We will be doing this event every other month.
This month, we are doing a different kind of event.
Build-A-Base Workshop
Upcoming Event taking place May 15th and 16th beginning at 12PM EST May 15th and ending 11:59 PM EST May 16th.
The event is the newly dubbed Build-A-Base Workshop. You will have 36 hours to create a fully functional base from scratch. You will be free to log on and off at your leisure. Creative will be on, zombie spawning will be off. No mods, strictly vanilla.
By fully functional base, I mean it must have storage and craft rooms. It is up to you if you'd like to add bedrooms, bathrooms, living rooms, other rooms, paint, electricity, etc. The base must be above ground.
No participant is allowed to visit or destroy other bases.
Every player must send me their coordinates by way of map screenshot of their base location by 11:59 PM EST May 16th. At the end of the event, I will visit each base and take a short video of the bases. I will then post the video on the three Facebook 7 Days to Die groups I am a part of, along with a poll with each participant's name. Voting will take place for 48 hours. The votes will be screenshot and posted in our Discord. The winner, like last event, will receive $40 in steam wallet codes, and the other participants will receive a choice of steam keys from a list I have.
Limit 20 participants. To enter, tag me in the BABW channel (this channel) so I can register you in the BABW-Registration channel. This will be a bi-monthly event, along with Last Player Standing.
Bases should be judged on creativity, design, functionality, etc.
So if anyone is interested in participating, go ahead and click the discord link in the OP and shoot me a tag letting me know you wish to register.
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