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Anyone got any idea on map generation times on a dedi?


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First off, map generation time is relative to the CPU, so can't really give a specific number. I can give you examples from my testing though.


CPU used was two X5680's in a Dell PowerEdge R710. (12 cores, 24 threads) They run at 3.33GHz by default, but clocked up to 4.5GHz often during generation. RAM is 96GB ECC DDR3 at 2000Mhz in triple-channel mode. (most optimal configuration for our RAM sticks in this server.) Drive array is four Samsung Evo 860's in RAID-0.

Again, the primary limitation here is CPU computation speeds. Creating the map pushed all 24 threads to 90-95% load in each test. Nothing else was running on the system. I generated roughly 20 different maps in each size using a similar set of seeds for comparison.


An 8k map took two and a half hours on average.

12k maps took roughly 5-6 hours. There was more variance here depending on the density of the map.

16k maps took about 9-12 hours. Again the variance depended on density. Most were closer to 9-10 hours, but a few were real doozies.


This is why we currently strongly advise creating the map on the client, and not on the server. And if you want to make 12k maps on the client, you can add a UI mod by RedEagle that will allow you to do so.

16k is absolutely not advised. Aside from requiring 32GB RAM to generate it properly, you also require a minimum of 16GB RAM to play on it. That allows for almost no system overhead though. 16k is also going to cause a lot of sync issues, and you will have map corruption appearing relatively quickly as a result of this. Even testing on extreme server hardware with 64-core CPU's (128 threads) running 5GHz with a full array of Intel Optane drives providing real-time write speeds of 45-50Gbps, and client ping to the server being below 5ms, playing a 16k dedi map resulted in de-sync after a relatively short period of play time. After an hour it was quite noticeable, and after a few hours of activity it was almost unbearable. (For testing I was using 12, 16, 20, 26, and 30 players on the server through our variety of play tests. Sadly I didn't have time allocated to generate maps on this hardware setup, and used the maps previously generated on the other system.)



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