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A19.4 stable!


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Hello everyone!

We are happy to announce  that A19.4 is going live today!

We strive to continue to make gamepad support great for everyone who likes to use it, you can use steam's settings to overwrite the default, if you like to.

We are also working on A19.5 with additional fixes and performance improvements.


We hope you enjoy A19.4!

May your loot and survival will be ripe for great memories!



A19.4 Highlights are:

  • Fat Hawaiian HD makes his debut in A19
  • A new ambient sound system with new content
  • The fix for the bed shared by everyone, at least nobody had to freeze!
  • The long awaited fix for AP rounds
  • A command to disable cursor snapping when using the gamepad, see if you like it!



How to disable cursor snapping in big picture mode without using the launcher.


If you find bugs:


Bug reports here, please!


A19.4 b1-b7 Changelog



  • New ambient sound system and content
  • Add focused block to DebugShot
  • Command line argument "-disablecursorsnapping" to disable cursor snapping when using gamepad


  • Disabled Christmas themed loot items
  • Enabled new skin for fat zombie
  • Store electronics_01 chest is now unlocked


  • Falling Debris Entities Cause Rapid Damage during Fall-Duration
  • AP rounds not working as expected
  • Explosions on a bed changes everyones spawnpoint to that bed
  • Many of the ground textures are flickering
  • Removed remnant blocks in business_old_06
  • Writable Storage Box does not have label on bottom side
  • Block palletBrownBoxesTile has an intact bottom cap
  • Imposter for business_old_06 is now properly updated
  • NRE when interacting with junk sledge or turret spawned from debugmenu no longer occurs
  • Previous Tab / Next Tab keys does now work while in vehicle
  • Gamepad now steers exclusively with the left thumb stick
  • Achievement for broken leg now triggers
  • Updated item names to support achievements
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