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Simple Survival Standoff

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I've heard of an ancient game mode that was once in a pre-alpha version of 7 Days To Die.

The game-mode revolved around A flat map, and the players Gained economic advances by surviving harder and harder waves of zombies.

The money can be spent on building blocks/or weapons.

It looks extremely fun in my mind, but I've never seen any videos or have evidence of its existence.

This is something I would pay money for. LMAO

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It's been awhile since I've played this...

I believe it might be Gnamod "Horde Mode"?  Go to "Download" and it takes you google drive to 3 mods:

Gnamod Core

Gnamod Core UI

Gnamod Horde Mode


I *think* you can load all 3 and get "Horde mode" with the custom UI. You may also have to choose a Horde mode map when you start the game?



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Yes @doughphunghus is correct, Gnamod Horde Mode is a mod that does the thing you ask for. If you search on YouTube for Gnamod Horde Mode you will likely still find video's of the mod, though many are likely from older versions of the game/mod. 

But I think what you speak of is the original Horde Mode that used to be in very early builds of this game, I never seen those myself either and only heard that it once existed. I first created this mode for A16 and it resolves around guarding a (radio) Beacon on a mostly flat map. You are given some supplies and cash and can buy supplies from the Beacon to build defenses around it. Every night waves of zombies come that try to break the Beacon and if they succeed it explodes taking everything build around it with them. The mod essentially turns the game into an arcade version. It is however an add-on modlet to Gnamod Core, so it follows the rules of my overhaul as well, there is no version for a purely vanilla experience. 

If you are using sphereii's Mod Launcher then you can install it by installing Gnamod Core and then using 'Manage Modlets' to enable this add-on modlet and then selecting one of the Horde Mode maps that come with it. If you play without such map you will not have a Beacon to defend, but will still get daily hordes, so that may not be recommended :)

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