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I'm pleased to announce version 2.0 of my split level house prefab.  This update includes:


  • Alpha 19 compatibility (last tested with A19.4 b7)
  • Graphics refresh to take advantage of new decor options
  • Reworked lighting
  • Sleeper improvements, including reduced sleeper counts to target a Tier 4 standard


Rather than just take some screenshots, I figured users would appreciate a full walkthrough video.

That means this video has :attention:FULL SPOILERS:attention:, so I suggest skipping around to get just a taste if you want to experience the surprises firsthand.




This prefab uses all vanilla game assets, so all you have to do is put it in your Mods folder.


If for some reason you're running Alpha 17 and want to play with this prefab, here is the 1.0 release.  Because the thread is archived, I have to make a new thread.


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6 hours ago, Laz Man said:

The faux attic insulation is very creative. 👍


Thanks! You do great prefabs, so I especially appreciate that coming from you.


It was interesting how that part of the attic developed organically.  I was already planning to do the old, cluttered part of the attic from early on.  But what I learned that's unique about level design in 7DtD is that you have to model the whole thing.  You can't just model the few rooms you want to do and leave the rest inaccessible.  It would look too weird if you left it empty, or if you filled it in as solid wood.


So I looked at a bunch of reference photos of attics, as I'd done for the rest of the house, to get ideas and to bring in more realistic elements.  And I stumbled on the phenomenon that people don't take a lot of pictures of their attic, unless they're remodeling or otherwise doing work on it.  So I rolled with it, and it became the 'new' part of the attic, with the contractor zombies there that were actively in the process of remodeling it.


If I do a bunch of houses with attics, then I'll have to come up with something else up there.  But for a single house, I think it becomes a thematic element that makes the house more unique and memorable.

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