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Looking For an Overhaul Mod

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Hey all. What would you guys say is the best Overhaul mode?


I'm looking for something with the following:


Is up to date and active.


Adds new weapons and items that can also be modded.


Adds new zombies and boss zombies.


Adds new challenges.


Makes the game scarier.


Generally just enhances the game.


Also, is there a mod manager for 7Days?

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Define up to date and active - updated in last 30 days, or just A19 compatible?


My personal faves, to date - I am not a run and gun style player, and I don't believe either adds new zombies though:

True Survival by Spider (currently only working for singleplayer)

Undead Legacy by Subquake (extremely slow progression due to crafting table gating, but IMHO TFP should be hiring this modder as their new UI designer - AAA production quality)


As far as mod managers, I no longer use either, but have tried these two in the past - both are unofficial:

Vortex mod manager by Nexusmods (more user friendly, better for individual mods that are guaranteed virus free)

7D2D mod launcher by Sphereii (can be a bit wonky, better for maintaining multiple overhaul mods using separate game instances on the same PC)



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