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I suggest to implement a Scenario mode


Scenario mode: Pretty much all stay the same.  With lets say 2 win condition

-Escape island (current 7D2D is pretty much island surrounded by radioactive wasteland)

-Gain access and repair Vault (Kinda like Fallout serioues GECK etc)


How to achieve those win conditions:



-Several special locations on map with special scenario loot (random or premade map) such as access cards to open. Fuel cells to turn on engines parts to fix it etc. You know the drill

-Vault would need to open and clear out of zombies/bosses some engines etc would need to be fixed with special scenario loot. Turn on and protected with sort of defande event.



-Most likely a plane or a boat again need to be found fixed. So special location special loot and so on. Special locations would have some sort of defance events aswell. Such as filling a canister with "plane gas"



All those fixed location would need to have lifted Game Stage of course.


Save and Load/ Death = Require Load the game Perhaps save location only for special location. Or Those special locations work such as missions dying during it would reset whole mission.


With such winning conditions. Community could finaly compete. Who beat scenario. Faster. Or without using guns. Or with diffcult on max. Etc


As for now. I only come back to game to see what was  changed. Then after some time I just quit my world and never return.

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