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What vehicle mods would you like to see added to A20?

Jost Amman

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Faatal just confirmed they're working on vehicle mods for A20 and gave us a list of what they do have now.



So I thought, why not make sort of a "wishlist" for A20 vehicle mods just in case?

Maybe if they find some mod idea is nice they'll add it in A20 or A21...


For me a very cool mod would be a "Bull bars" mod. The idea is you start with the normal vehicle with no bars, and only after you install this mod you'll actually see the bars (or spikes) like they are right now. They should also add IMO some form of "armor value" to vehicle so that we can appreciate the difference. :biggrin1:

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Not a mod but please add a 'tank' like you see in them zombie flicks where they deck out a city bus and bust out of the mall? Good stuff.
Vehicle mods- Chariot blades on the wheels, higher damage for ramming, increased speed, turning, acceleration, torque.
Itd be really cool to add chainsaws to vehicles but idk how realistic that is via code.
Weapon modifications so you can shoot weapons from vehicle- maybe a bushmaster or mounted launcher of some kind.
Good hunting pimps ;)

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  • Color coding, e.g. some way, any way, to visually distinguish whose vehicle is whose in multiplayer.
  • Off road tires, with stats adjusted so that off roading, hill climbing, etc. is laborious without an appropriate vehicle and mod.
  • Passive weaponry, e.g. existing spikes & cow catcher type pieces become a separate mod, with stats adjusted so you can't blithely plow through a deer like it's nothing, at least without this mod.  This could be split out between mods focusing on entity damage and block damage.
  • Active weaponry, e.g. a mounted turret, either automatic or controlled by a passenger, would be very cool, but probably harder to implement than simple fuel/engine mods that just play with the numbers.
  • Locks would be interesting as a mod you elect to include or not.  Do you spend the extra resources to lock others out of your vehicle, or do you take your chances to save some parts and time?

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5 hours ago, Maharin said:

How about the seat belt mod that keeps you from exiting the vehicle while it is moving?  :p

Now that you mention it, it would be cool if we could get ejected from (e.g.) a motorcycle if we ram big animals, tree stumps and such...

But that's something that has nothing to do with mods of course.

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Bicycle: a “gear” mod to make it go faster, but start/stop/climb slower. Like a   10 speed but with only the 10th gear. And then another “gear” for climbing/fast start/stop but no speed, like a 10

apeed but the first gear.  Then if you put them both in you have a functioning 10 speed. Slow/climb and fast top

end. Then nerf the normal bike a little for top speed.

gyrocopter: it’s kinda been mentioned above, as “seat belt”, but I wrote a long time ago it would be nice to have a “safety mechanism” of some type for the gyro. .... even though it’s perfect to be able to just jump out :) .  I vote for a “rope” or something you tie to yourself so when you do fall out you dangle below it and it slowly crashes to the ground with you. Same for other vehicles even though “seat belt” is probably better: you fall out and the vehicle stops going forward (it decelerates naturally and just drags you along behind it ;)  maybe you live through it, maybe not. I do favor the “eject” features mentioned above though when hitting/flipping a vehicle.


All vehicles: add the ability to put a “basket” or chest or a seat for any “open seats” on the vehicle. Meaning: you have to choose to add a “seat” or “storage” to either carry people or stuff.  Then for single player you will be able to add more storage (up to however many seats there are) and for multiplayer you can mix/match based on what you need.


All vehicles: when adding “engine enhancement “ mods (speed/turbocharger/etc) change the engine sounds.


all vehicles: make the “sounds” (e.g engine or pedaling loudness) of the engine attract zeds, then put muffler mods on to deaden the sounds so they are less attracted you it.


all vehicles with engines: make them “handle” worse by default (slip and slide, turning radius bad, etc) and then add mods to make this better (suspension, steering, etc).


all vehicles: “armor” or “welding” or something mods.  Purpose: to increase vehicle health.  Then nerf the hell out of them so they have low health by default. Make traveling with no or little armor/welds? Kinda dangerous and make you stay on roads.  Currently every vehicle feels like an unstoppable tank right now, and repairing (a single repair kit?) to full health is way too easy.  I’m not aaying a 4x4 should have 10 health by default, but make it take more serious damage or something when you jump/fall/hit stuff. 

the whole point of all of these is also to not be able to mod the hell out of a vehicle to “max it out with all available mods” but to have enough mods for each to force you to choose how to mod it, and make the vehicles kinda bad enough that you DO want to mod it. E.g “I have 4 mod slots but there are 10 mods to choose from”.  This also would give some need to craft a few of each vehicle (a traveling car, a storage car, etc) and extend the game a choices a bit. 

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remote control, calls the vehicle to you. 

that would be hilarious on a bike


self destruct via remote.  great pvp trap


ooga ooga horn


junk collecter that picks up trashbags as you go including whats in them


lawnower blades


bullet proof glass


mod to allow vehicle to run on grain alcohol  or animal fat


sawn off mufflers to wake them zds up

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Zombies on unicycles.   Not a vehicle mod but it would still be... awesome.


As for real vehicle mods I'd like to see:


  • Extra vehicle storage
  • Vehicle armor
  • Spotlights that can be operated while in the vehicle, either by a second player or remote controlled by the driver.
  • Vehicle passive weaponry like spikes and such that make things hitting or being hit by the vehicle take additional damage
  • Monster truck mod for the 4x4 that makes it ride higher for fewer collisions with terrain and such
  • Faster acceleration mod
  • Faster braking mod
  • Anti roll or spin out mod (better, sharper turns)
  • Self destruct mod (allows the driver to blow up the vehicle - like eating glass, only messier)
  • Umbrella mod (keeps you from getting wet from weather, but slows you down some)
  • Vehicle mounted turrets

Just to name a few.  :p

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(1) Muffler - Make the 4x4 quieter.


(2) Sleeping bag mod ... You (the owner) would respawn at the vehicle.


(3) I'd like to take off the spikes/ram plates OFF the default vehicles and make them mods. In this way, the default motorcycle and jeep would do better off-road and you could choose to sacrifice mobility for doing increased damage when running over a Z.


(4) I'd like to be able to choose between storage space and passengers. So, on a motorcycle, the player can either add storage mod or add a passenger mod. On the 4x4, you could either add 2 storage -or- 2 passenger -or- 1 storage and 1 passenger.


(5) Perhaps a light module, that adds extra lighting -- wider, further, brighter. This can be handy for those who work at night an illuminate their projects with the headlights of their parked motorcycle/4x4.


(6) I've seen players ask if there was a way to have a workbench in a 4x4.


(7) I could see a trailer hitch mod that lets you tow a specialty trailer around. The trailer could then have things like a workbench, cement mixer, chemistry station, more storage, etc.


This isn't a mod, but I think it would be cool to have an electric golf cart in the game that we could recharge from solar panels / gas generator / battery bank. It would make for a nice "get around town" vehicle. You could fill it with batteries from the game to determine its capacity.

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2 hours ago, zztong said:

(2) Sleeping bag mod ... You (the owner) would respawn at the vehicle.

Basicly people would say, place the sleeping bag next to the vehicle.

But i think it is a nice idea, and should be an option when you leave a sleeping bag at the inventory of the vehicle.

But it would be much more interesting when we would get bigger vehicles like a truck or camping bus and build that up to a mobile base.


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Anything with a motor/powered engine: a mod to allow you to hook it up to power things when it’s running, like a generator.  Specifically generator so you can charge a battery bank or just use standalone.


a mod for generating “heavy smoke” ? Maybe useful in pvp it could be controlled some way, or just fun to watch/look at. If used maybe burn a ton of gas while it’s on. 


mods to “launch things” like the contact grenade, pipe bomb, etc. while driving. Stuff that’s hard to aim with and slow to launch.


mods to alter “lights” have been mentioned (and I love the idea of “beam widener”), but how about color? Maybe not every color but default lights are pretty OP... maybe make them crappy/dingy yellow (not good to see with)  and a mod could make them that “purple” or “bright white” color.  For the 4x4 only, maybe some lights on top to really light up the area?

these are kinda out there, but might be useful to someone:

Mod: a kickstand?  
mod: like an antenna, but a “blinking beacon” on top?

there have been some mentions of ways to pull wagons, etc.  maybe for the bicycle... a way to “hitch bikes together” so it kinda mimicks a tandem bike (but just bikes tied with a chain or something).  Why? Because a human centipede of bikes would be just amazing. Almost it’s own mini game. 

mod: Attachment of small wooden sign (that can be written on) as license plate.






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I play darkness Falls mod, and it has: Speed mod (doubles vehicle speed minibike going 20m/s is pretty sweet), a armor mod (so player takes less damage), a spiked sides mod which increases ramming damage to zombies. is a few others, so simmlar things would work for vanilla. I think Fatal said they are doing a speed mod, and I am hopeing its at least a 50% boost.

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On 3/4/2021 at 9:32 AM, Orclover said:

A drone placement that automatically shoots at the buzzards that are chasing us.


Hmm. Come to think of it, even if the developers did nothing there'd be nothing stopping you from having your flying junk drone active when you hop in your vehicle.  The only question would be whether it's fast enough to keep up with you. And it's probably easier to just make it follow at any speed than it is for you to outrun your drone, its chunk gets unloaded, it suspends its state etc.

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25 minutes ago, Crater Creator said:


Hmm. Come to think of it, even if the developers did nothing there'd be nothing stopping you from having your flying junk drone active when you hop in your vehicle.  The only question would be whether it's fast enough to keep up with you. And it's probably easier to just make it follow at any speed than it is for you to outrun your drone, its chunk gets unloaded, it suspends its state etc.


lol maybe we need a perch to stick our drones on when we are driving around that they can fire from, pointed back maybe for those pesky vultures.  That would be awesome.

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