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Light armor rating 6...How much protection is that?

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The big advantage of Light Armor is low stamina. noise and movement penalties.  Using light armor and knives, which have low stamina costs, you can power attack through several zombies while with heavy armor and clubs you'd be lucky to kill two before running dry.  This only works well if you have space to move in and out of the zombies reach though.  If you get caught in a corner by three or four zombies the extra protection from heavy armor would definitely be the way to go.


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Once you get a motorized vehicle, there are no advantages of light armor besides its aesthetic appeal.  


For the "Dead-is-dead" folks, using heavy armor, you have a far greater chance at survival in the "ambush" areas of some POI's.

Then again, if you play enough you already know them.  But heavy is more forgiving of mistakes.


So ultimately , is more safe = more fun OR is less safe = more fun?  Would be the question.

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