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Quick Ideas - Random Thoughts

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Loving the game as is, thought I would throw some quick ideas I've had.  Never know when it may get someone else thinking and turn into something. 


1) Dynamite Spikes - Think Electrical post + Dynamite

          a) Strike Plates - Reusable, takes battery attaches to Dynamite spikes with wire tool and detonates said spikes when shot from a distance

*could use for defenses or digging a mote

2) C4 - Clay, Gas or Acid, & Gunpowder

          a) Hand Held Detonator - Imagine placing on a block switching to detonator and connecting a wire as you back up to a safe distance and destroy said block or blocks

*This of course would be great to access a building as long as you didn't mind getting the attention of every zombie in the place

3) Demo Cord - Military cloth, Gunpowder, & Duct tape

          a) Wall mountable detonator - Reusable, takes battery linkable via wire tool and detonates when switch is thrown.  

4) Zombies that come out at night and are attracted to the noise of your vehicle, will follow you home.

          a) Zombie is usually paired with a few zombie dogs that it drags along behind you waiting for you to stop or go home.  Follow up to like 3km or something, breaks off at 4:00 or sun up.

5) Zombie Nest - Almost like Boss buildings, have a nest in a multistory building or bunker and have a "Boss" that spawns more zombies outside everytime it screams.

          a) Zombie Climbable Blocks - In the nest they have accesses via climbable blocks between floors.  "Nest" zombies can also create these blocks after hitting a block a certain number of times.

          b) Could identify level of difficulty on said nest via Quarantine signs outside property.  Like Quarantine level 1 - 4 or something.

          c) If you disturb the nest and do not kill the "Boss" they follow you back and attack your base that night.  Like a mini zombie night.

6) Randomize pathing priorities for zombies during zombie night?  Haven't researched the pathing much for these guys but it seems like they calculate the shortest or easiest path to the player.  Could you set it to calculate the 3 easiest and then randomize which path each zombie takes?  Could make it alot more interesting but then again could melt a PC to I suppose.

7)  Additional storage for 4x4 - Build a "Trailer" Can place in Mod slot, when storage space is used on said trailer it decreases max speed by like ~10 or something.

8) NPC Survivors - Some good some bad, could trade with or raid their place.  Heavily defended bases, some have been overrun by zombie or nest.  At start of game they are more and slowly get overrun as game proceeds through the days.

         a) Trading would be simple, they would need say wood and you could trade them 1000 wood for something etc.. 

9) Air Base / Airport area - Could be a quest to actually clear the runway and meet the Supply plane (Just another trader on steroids).  Start quest via papers found in supply drops.  Can get quest every so many days like ~70 or so. 


So enjoying the game as is, just wanted to throw out some things floating around my head.  Like I said never know when something my click another idea for someone else. 


Thanks for reading



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