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This mod is intended to let admins build public horde bases that cannot be damaged by zombies or players. 

WARNING:  All materials are made of BEDROCK.  The *only* way to destroy these blocks once placed is to remove their structural support and let gravity take them down.  USE WITH CAUTION.

Once installed, open the Creative Menu, turn Dev Blocks on and search for "Indestructo".   You'll find one multi-shape block that will create any block shape, including:

  • Iron Bars (standard & centered)
  • Vault Doors (powered & manual)
  • Vault Hatches (powered & manual)
  • Bridges (powered & manual)
  • Steel  Garage Door (powered & manual)
  • Double Doors (powered & manual)
  • Rolling Garage Door
  • Spikes (removed in A17, restored here)

Known bug: Demolishers can damage the spikes.  Will update if I find a fix for that.

Download Link:  http://nerdyhippie.com/7days/IndestructoBlocks.zip


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On 6/3/2021 at 5:21 PM, Pra3t0r 0f R0m3 said:

Heya...not sure what's happening, but clicking d/l on the 7daystodiemods page does nothing. even tried via "open in new tab".

Not working with the link above either.

When I click on it I get a download location dialogue box, looks like it's working for me.

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