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Vehicle control with game pad is now destroyed


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So yeah, the title says it all.

For the last several updates game pad control just keeps getting worse.

It was fine where you ONLY used LR sticks to control most of the movement.

forward/back and speed with L stick and look/steering combined with R stick was fine!

Now you give me THREE things to juggle all at once, steering with L, look with R, and forward/reverse with LR triggers..

on top of that whatever you did with how steering works is horrible now.

it's not responsive at first, then when I hold it longer trying to get something out of it, it ramps up way TOO much, and causes me to do donuts or hit every tree in a five mile radius.

It's bad. the only thing thats better is making the gyro nose up and nose down buttons more responsive.

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Assuming you are talking about 19.4 EXP, my wife and I couldn't agree more. Coming from console it took a bit to get used to using the right stick, but actually turned out kind of convenient to be able to drive with one hand. This new way, without the camera being at least semi-locked to center, is just horrible.

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